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Testo Non 1

Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Decanoate 250mg/ml

Testo Non 1 is an ester testosterone. Its fundamental advantage for sports person as well as weight lifters that is given single time in a month this makes them to consult the specialist simply once in a month. 

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Testo Non 1:

        In addition, it allows different steroids can likewise be utilized alongside it. It causes muscles development and fat misfortune. So this steroid is anabolic and in addition firmly catabolic. Because of high oxygen muscle admission, even strenuous activity can be managed effortlessly. It can expand the forcefulness through neuromuscular transmission. Weight pick up by utilizing this solution is surprising. Due to its anabolic and catabolic exercises, it is exceptionally well known among games men to lose fat from the body and expanding the muscle growth remarkable. It really, doesn't expand the bulk yet it focus on expanding the muscles number. It essentially expand erythropoiesis and is utilized as a part of certain frailty. It is utilized as a part of conditions where glycogen amalgamation is needed. Sports person use it at the season of exorbitant preparing activity in light of the fact that it helps a considerable measure because of expanded oxygen muscle levels.


Precautions to be followed while using Testo Non 1:

        When a person is allergic or sensitive towards Testo Non 1 or any other combinations either avoid the usage of the drug or utilize less dosage of the drug. Women who are planning to get pregnant or pregnant ladies should avoid the usage of Testo Non 1 as it may lead to abortion or it may affect the fetus so better consult the doctor for utilization of the drug. Breast feeding should also be avoided as it may pass through to new born babies. If you have broken nose or sinus problem avoid the usage of the drug.



         Testo Non 1 is provided with a dosage of 250mg to 1000mg every week over a period of 12 to 52 weeks. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.


Side Effects of Testo Non 1:

        Testo Non 1 raises side effects such as baldness in men, raises the blood pressure level, reduces libido, gynecomastia, expansion of clitoris in women and shrinks the testicles in men.

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