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Order Tracking

Once the order is placed each customer will receive a confirmation email inside around 24 hours. The second email is sent affirming that order placed by the customer was transported from overthcounterr. User can verify the status of the request by logging into the account and check the status option. Each order placed by the customer can be tracked and verified by tapping on the order history of the individual user. Order tracking also provides the details such as mode of shipping, payment method, and address to be shipped additionally also provides the details of current status location of the order placed by the customer.

Periodically, popularity makes us come up short on specific things. On the off chance when the requested item is not in stock the customer is intimated with email stating that order will be completed only when the stock arrives overthcounterr. Once in a while, a thing fails to be in stock also not anticipated that would return stock, the order will be cancelled. Otherwise the user pays for the item through credit card all the charges such as tax, handling and shipping are refunded properly to his/her account. If the customer places an order then it will be delivered to then inside 5 to 7 working days.

Also overthcounterr is not responsible for transportation deferrals, or loss of any sort coming about because of unanticipated and wild conditions, for example, customer was inaccessible, erroneously entered order address, climate conditions and so on. In such circumstances customers are intimated with deferral arrival of the product. On the off chance tracking number is not accessible after this timeframe, there are a few conceivable causes such as transportation organizations have not refreshed the conveyance data on the site ,or the package contains incorrect code, or the package has been conveyed quite a while prior as well as the tracking code has terminated.

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