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Refund Policy

On the off chance if the user is disappointed with any of non-medicine and like to give back to the store they are advised to contact Customer Support for guidelines. If the product is to be refund or replaced the customer is requested to provide the order ID for speedy process. Overthcounterr.com fails to acknowledge returns for products acquired from our Personal Health division unless they possess creator's deformity. We avoid acknowledging products that are unboxed as well as utilized unless the item was harmed or blemished upon conveyance.

Customer is requested to verify that when the order is received such that the products received are correct plus functions properly ensuring the well being. Return orders should be placed inside 30 days of receipt. All returns ought to be joined by the first receipt included with the shipment. When the customer receives a defective or erroneous product he/she will be given a free return shipping receipt. On the off chance in other cases of return of products the customer should pay the shipment charges.

Customer Support team receives the return request they provide a credit less unique transportation expenses inside 30 days. On the off chance that for any reason if the customer is not totally happy with any item bought online, user are requested to contact the toll free number throughout the week except on Sunday between the timing 9:00am and 5:00pm. It would be ideal that the user would provide a message in the event if the customer support team fails to answer the user call as well as the team will get back to them as earlier as possible.

It would be ideal the customer should note that we can't acknowledge back freedom stock for trade or discount since the user requested the wrong thing, or altered his opinion, so please pick deliberately.

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